Christy's Poetry and songs
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Christy's Poetry and Songs

Fuck No
By Christy Smith
(This song was written about a past love)

Imagine no happiness between me and you
that's not how it was suppose to be
you'll be gone pretty soon
somehow before you go I'll make you see

The girl your with now
will never put up with your shit
she'll never understand
how your mind ticks

haterd is in my eyes
I feel so low
would I ever take you back
Fuck No

All the nights I spent alone
you were with the Bitch I'm sure
closed my eyes so many time
knowing it was her

Haterd is in my eyes
I feel so low
would I ever take you back
Fuck no
Are you the one? By Christy

Lizard tongue unexceptable in today's society Can you be excepted in my world? Licking my wound Biting hard at the scars Letting out the passion But feels as if your dead Animal like substance dripping from your head Being told your different are you the ONE?????

Eternity By Christy

My only friend is the bird so free can fly away from all the pain Constant memories stirring inside anger persists only in the mind Are you afraid of death? Can you picture the ritual excistance of dying? Can your vital eyes see yourself being carried away in the funeral of eternity...

As I walk By Christy As I walk down that road of loneliness I see the troubled souls of ignorance I see the laughter boiling over into anger I see the stupidity of unwanted desires, yet are hormones control are whole body I see famine, but yet we feed everyone but ourselves I see brilliance, but used in the most dishonest way I see stength, in a way of personal stimina. I see children playing, yet playing with guns and killing each other. I see tomorrow, as a hope to escape another day of violence. I see our forests, becoming extinct in our eyes. I see everything but a since of happiness, for who sees that anymore. The happiness of yester year, the happiness of just another day, happiness of feeling safe in a world that want let you feel nothing but fear.......

Emotions By Christy

Violence stalking the world innocence dissolved forever peace will never come into our minds we will never know the pleasure silence hits the streets never breaking the notions hatred in everyones eyes stirring all my emotions Eternity lasts forever love dies everyday hell is really close heaven's miles away

Carry By Christy

Carry yourself to the limit darkside of the world Your skin as pale as orchids Ripping away at my flesh Eyes are as dark as night Flowerbeds of acid swaying in the wind Say a prayer my child for life has just begun......

By Christy

I am in an awkward position trying to revolve myself around past moments for which I am in sound mind to forget My troubles are far more excrusiating than anyone cares to witness Only fools meet my aquaintance but good samaritains always meet my needs I tried to lose myself through the concepts of reality but I lost it halfway through my guilty conscience not remembering how stupid people could be....

Soul mate By Christy Your my soul mate in disguise my love for you is growing high somehow you've hypnotized my brain I am going insane Now my life has a little meaning your the cause,your the reason they say love is blind is it true am I wasting my time

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