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Christy's Poetry Page

My name is Christy and this is formally Christy's Page. I decided to change it to something I enjoy doing regularly.The poems on this page as of this present moment are mine and were written solely by me. If you would like to add your poem and or link of poetry feel free to email me. . I would like to thank everyone who has gave me consent to use their graphics, music, and who has and or will place a award on my page. Thanks a bunch. I would like to dedicate this page to my 4 beautiful children, Zena, Chloe, L.Kenny and Dylan, my husband Kenny, and all my family.I would also like to thank all my friends, Lisa,Teressa,,Connie, Shannon and and my brothers band Shab you guys rock and will make it to the top You can here their song Innocense lost on my page.....Please Support Local Music... Thanks to everyone....Christy I have updated my page. I have moved my poetry and songs to Christy's poetry page. Hit the banner with the sun, or go to my links and visit my poetry and songs.Let me know what you think...Also please vote for me at the rumbles.....PLEASE SIGN MY GUESTBOOK AND VISIT MY MESSAGE BOARD......Email me at
This is me and my youngest son Dylan....
This is me.....

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Christy's Poetry Page

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